Ersin is a vertically integrated multi-product garment manufacturer. Our production capacity is set at 10 million pieces annually. We are one of the largest garment exporters in Turkey and we are highly awarded by IHKIB (Istanbul Apparel Exporters’ Association) on top of the list each year.

Our prior mission is to constantly innovate unique products with passion and be able to bring in highly added values back to our country with the power of exports. Secondly, we aim to empower our community and people throughout the job opportunities we create either directly or via our supply chain.
Ersin started operations with the underwear exports to Europe in 1987. We build our very own production plant in 1995 designed by one of the leading industrial architects of that time Şevki Pekin. We saw more opportunity on garment manufacturing and fully switched our production line in to garments. As time passed by, we have significantly widened our customer network and became one of the leading garment suppliers in Turkey.
We strongly believe in the power of good corporate governance. We strive to maintain our corporate culture and principles in each of our facility under all circumstances. Also, our valuable people are very committed to preserve our corporate identity and reputation among the industry.
Innovation is our Passion
We are specialized in offering customer-centric supplying solutions to most prestigious fashion retails all around the world. Our business development centers and production plants aims to deliver innovation, creativity and quality with flexible production approach to our client portfolio.
We have settled a corporate structure in our organization. The whole workflow, job descriptions and procedures are well defined in our Production Operations Manual (POM). Besides, our organization chart well describes each of the division and the hierarchy structure within the organization. Currently, we are running on POM version 2,00 that is published in 2017. We constantly train our employees to maintain our corporate identity.