Vertical Integration
We have the capability to act as an vertical supplier. We have invested in this business model to remain competitive in the market and build permanent relations with our customers.

We source raw materials all around the world including Bangladesh and Indonesia. Our key sourcing-buying decision on the raw materials is very much depended on the market price, currency rates and the implemented tariffs. Besides, we put in high effort to cover our raw material imports by the government ‘’inward processing’’ incentives in which we held exempted from taxes revealed.

We have the full control over our supply-chain and we are truely satisfied with the results as we are able to offer better pricing, faster lead times, and better quality.
Fabric Production
We import yarns from all over the world that are covered by the government ‘’inward processing’’ incentives in which we held exempted from both import and export taxes revealed.
We hold over 10 tons of external daily knitting capacity to react fast on competitive lead times.
We use high quality dying chemicals with high standards to maintain the best physical testing results.
Our engineering team inspects the rams, dryers, and sanforizing machines on daily basis to make sure quality meets demand.
Garment Manufacturing
We are equipped with latest laser fabric cutting machinery in the division. Laser machinery helps to maximize daily production efficiency and quality accuracy with measurement faults close to zero.
We have the ability to sew all kinds of products in the best way possible by getting strength from our machinery equipped with modern technology.
Packaging areas are metal free zones with limited access to authorized workers only. We follow very sensitive and strict procedures within that zone to avoid any types of metal components such as broken needles.