We are specialized in offering customer-centric product designs including both fashion and graphic designs, as well as fabrics. In order to do so, we have launched design houses abroad and recruited experienced local designers whom study each of our clients target customers and handwritings individually. On the other hand, our fabric engineering team constantly innovates new fabrics from a perfectly commercial point of view. Setting such infstracture increases the work flow of product design efficiency and consequently helps to display the most innovative - up to date products in stores that are within the market’s purchasing budget.
Design House
We closely collaborate with our clients on daily basis and respond to their design requests. In addition to that, we provide custom creations to reflect our very own interpretation on the latest trends. We are able to offer fashion designs and graphic designs including AOP and placement prints. Our design house mainly aims to deliver constant innovation and help our clients to reach their final consumers more effectively.
Design Team
Our design team consists of young designers with high expertise on the local market. Considering their experience working inside the brands, their knowledge on brand awareness and customer target are remarkably high.

Our team is very motivated on trend hunting and regularly use varius tools such as fashion blogs, street styles, runway shows, fashion weeks, social media trends, WGSN, fashion fairs, and etc. Besides, we provide a certain monthly budget for the shopping trips all around the world to widen their perspective not only on local but also global fashion trends.
Fabric Development
Innovation plays a vital role in our continued growth and success. We adapt simultaneous worldwide investment strategies within the fast changing demands of the marketplace. Our design team pushes the boundaries to design the most innovative garments whereas our sourcing engineers develop the most innovative fabrics based on every customers handwriting and purchasing budget differently. Innovating new products is our passion and we are very committed to preserve our pioneer identity.
Our license portfolio consists of the most popular-trendy, and up to date licenses. Also, we have the flexibility to obtain the new arising popular licenses just in a matter of time.