We believe in the power of technology and we try to integrate with it as much as possible through out the production processes. Our production plant is well equipped with the latest technology from top to bottom. We have partnered up with industry’s pioneer inventors to be able to follow and track their technological innovations that could help to increase our production efficiency and ease our daily work flow. We provide a certain amount of budget annually specifically on such tools and we are very committed on keeping our plant up to date from technological point of view.
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
We use integrated software ERP system that covers different production processes and allows real-time information to be shared between different departments in our production facilities. We run on ERP through out the whole production stages from planning until the shipment including sub-contractor activities with the focus of increasing order monitoring and flow.
Accumark 3D
AccuMark 3D Visualization technology enables to visualize samples in the digital environment. We are able to generate virtual samples that are quickly validated for fittings, accelerate development period, increase production efficiency with such technology.