Our wholly owned production plant and engineering teams are specialized in high-volume, timesensitive productions led by the lean production methadology. Such methadology is used to make the most ecient use of both operational and managerial activities involved in the production process from cost, timing, and quality manners.
Production Plant
Our factory in upstate Istanbul is considered as one of the most advanced and well equipped garment manufacturing plants with 10.000 square meters of manufacturing and office space on 2 acres of land. We are employing 200 workers directly and around 1.000 workers throughout our supply chain. We are focused on ensuring our workforce is well trained with the advance skills unique to our very own production processes, while taking a proactive approach to safety.

We manufacture ethically and responsibly. We bring high standards in social and technical compliances with international standards to provide-maintain top quality.
We run our very own established internal QMS (Quality Management System). QMS manager is the head of the department and controls QMS supervisors that are in charge of following tasks such as raw material inspection, accessories inspection, print/embroidery inspections, process control, in-line and final inspections, lab testing, and sorting out process. QMS department runs independently and linked directly to the high management.

Our quality team runs on AQL 2.5 (Acceptance Quality Limit) revealed by ISO 2859-1 standards. We acquire BV technical audits with high scores annually.
Sub-Contractor Network
Our success has always depended on our strong partners and the positive relations we have with them. In addition to our own production plant we maintain certain capacity with audit verified sub-contractors. At present, our subcontractors are located all around the Turkey. Our quality team makes frequent visits to ensure our quality standards are fullfilled in these highly capacitated facilities just as we would have in house.
Our in-house lab is SGS accredited and capable of such physical testings;
  • Appearance After Washing
  • Appearance After Dry Cleaning
  • Dimensional Stability to Washing
  • Dimensional Stability to Dry Cleaning
  • Dimensional Stability to Steam
  • Spirality
  • Stretch Recovery
  • Fabric Weight
  • Bursting Strenght
  • Pilling Resistance
  • Zipper Tests